Woman vacuuming a carpet
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Deodorize Your Stinky Carpets With The Help Of This Refreshing Herb
Sometimes vacuuming alone isn’t enough to eliminate odors, which is why you should incorporate mint into your cleaning routine to trap lingering scents and release pleasant aromas.
The smell of mint also reduces stress, clears sinuses, and naturally repels unwanted critters, like fleas, that may try to make a home within the fibers of your carpets or rugs.
Mint in essential oil form can be applied directly to a new vacuum bag or mixed with baking soda to create a vacuum-safe powder that will remove tough smells.
You can combine 10-15 drops of mint oil with a cup of baking soda to sprinkle onto the carpet before vacuuming. Replacing the oil with crushed dried mint leaves works well, too.