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Design Experts Approve Of This Unique IKEA Sofa Design
The Söderhamn is a modern sectional sofa produced by IKEA that has recently gained popularity for its contemporary and affordable design with clean lines and minimalist aesthetic.
The sofa consists of individual modules that can be rearranged to create different configurations, allowing users to customize it to suit the specific needs of their living spaces.
Interior designer and co-founder of Axel Property Management Carmelo Carrasco praised the Söderhamn for its versatility, saying, "It has a unique design."
Flor, the owner of the interior design blog Nordic Days, has enjoyed the sofa for a few years. She appreciates its washable covers and the fact that it hasn’t developed any lumps.
In her blog post, Chanta of New Beginnings In Time raves about owning two corner sections of the Söderhamn, explaining how she uses it to create a "large love seat" for company.
When she doesn’t have a lot of people over, she separates the sofa and uses one corner in her living room and the other in her bedroom, proving the efficiency of the modular sofas.