Kitchen with a green-gray paint color
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Design Experts Love Reese Witherspoon’s Kitchen Cabinet
Paint Color
Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram post from her kitchen has fans and design experts raving about the warm and welcoming
shade of gray-green her
cabinets are painted.
Designer Artem Kropovinsky thinks the soothing hue will be a lasting trend, saying, "The color contributes to establishing a tranquil and serene environment in
your dwelling."
Greens with a hint of a gray undertone make for a balanced color palette, kitchen expert Teri Simone agrees, "They combine neutral, soothing earthy tones."
Simone added that both gray and green provide grounding elements that can be emphasized with pops of other bright tones to warm up the space.
The relatively neutral shade can be livened up with brighter colors from a patterned fruit bowl or with larger statement pieces like a gleaming pink kettle.
"How the color is paired with other colors, textures, and finishes will impact the mood that you create," shared Stephanie Pierce, a director at MasterBrand Cabinets.