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Design Experts Love This Costco Sink For A Chef-Approved Kitchen
Costco can be a great source for appliances, and the Kohler Cater accessorized kitchen sink from Costco is an option that will save you tons of money.
The Cater sink is an 18-gauge stainless steel accessorized kitchen sink. This sink style is especially great if you cook a lot and if your kitchen has limited counter space.
Chef-grade sinks are typically larger and deeper than the standard sinks used in the home, which is great for preparing food, washing dishes, and cleaning large accessories.
The Kohler Cater sink costs under $350 and comes with a "stainless steel sink rack, bamboo cutting board, and two-piece colander set," per the Costco website.
One review on the product page recommends it as a great addition to an upgraded, modern kitchen, as the accessories and the sink itself hold up well in terms of quality.
Another review warns that it is hard to clean due to the rack, and the extra-large cut-out required to carry this sink makes it difficult to find other similar-sized replacements.