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Design Experts Love This One Dollar Tree Decor Item
Interior designers Cassie Tonsmeire and Angela Wilson Lee love Dollar Tree for its selection of vases that can work as a budget-friendly design hack.
With various sizes, shapes, materials, textures, and colors, the dollar store will surely have a vase that perfectly fits your home décor style.
After picking a vase, get creative with what goes in it. You can add marbles, water beads, glass rocks, tea candles, seashells, or a classic floral arrangement.
Tonsmeire told Southern Living that she prefers clear and traditional styles for vases and that "tall and short, square or round," she said, "for flower styling anywhere!"
Wilson Lee uses vases "to add a classic and unexpected touch" and styles them with live plants that "clean and freshen the air while introducing beautiful colors and dimensions."
Designer John Lindon prefers rustic, farm-style vases, whether inside or on the garden or porch, saying, "No need to make DIY versions when you can pick 'em up for a buck."
If the dollar store doesn't have exactly what you want, try enhancing it by adding a layer of paint mixed with baking soda to a glass vase to emulate a ceramic or stone look.