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Design Experts Say You Should Avoid These Bathroom Towel Colors
Design experts caution against using stark white towels in bathrooms as it seems impersonal and can look grayish after a few washes, making it difficult to keep them clean.
Instead, other neutrals like creams and ivories are better options for long-term use while deeper neutrals such as tans, beige, caramels, and browns also
work well.
Black towels can make the bathroom feel smaller and confined. It's better to go with gray, cream, or accent colors like emerald green and
midnight blue.
Bright, energetic colors like orange, yellow, and red can be eye-catching, but can disrupt the relaxing atmosphere of the bathroom. It’s best to avoid them.
If you want colorful towels, choose colors that are found in nature like various shades of blue and green. If you want red towels, choose dusty pinks or
deep maroons.