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Design Experts Say You Should Avoid These Carpet Colors
1. Patterned Designs
Patterned carpets feature geometrical patterns with two or more contrasting colors juxtaposed against each other, making it difficult to figure out what furniture will match.
Vickie Larue of says, “The colors can sometimes be too strong, so they become an eyesore, especially if they are not balanced with other items in your room.”
2. Trendy Colors Like Barbie Pink Or Ultra Violet
It's fun to follow color trends, but it's best to resist when selecting new carpets. Most carpets are made to last five to 15 years, so choose a color you'll like for a long time.
Interior designer, Brad Smith, says, "These may be appealing at the moment, but trends change quickly. It's best to limit trendier colors to easily replaceable decor items.”
3. Pure White
White carpets are beautiful, but real estate investor Cam Dowski says, “White is prone to showing every speck of dirt, stain, or discoloration, making it a high-maintenance option.”
Interior designer Artem Kropovinsky points out that the color doesn't give a cozy ambiance, because “matching other elements can be a challenge without making the room feel cold.”
4. Very Light Pastels
Similar to white carpets, light pastels do not hold up well. Smith says, "These colors are not forgiving when it comes to stains or everyday wear and tear.”
In addition, "Pastel-colored carpets, especially in sunlit rooms, are prone to fading over time, losing their charm and vibrancy," shares Kropovinsky.
5. Bright, Bold Colors Like Red
Or Purple
Designers suggest you think twice before choosing vibrant colors because they will keep you beholden to one section of the color wheel, potentially leading to a disorganized look.
"While these shades might seem like an exciting choice, they can quickly overwhelm a space and limit your choices for future décor changes," warns Smith.