HGTV's Ben and Erin Napier in front of windows
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Design Mistakes HGTV's Ben And Erin Napier Won't Ever Make Again
Imitating Others
While you can find inspiration online, copying designs causes a space to lack personality. Instead, reflect on your favorite things and add them to your home.
Worrying Over Color
Interior design is subjective, so if you want to use bold colors then you should. Create a vision board and test different palettes to see how they will look.
Matching Wood
It is very difficult to match new and old hardwood floors, so Erin Napier recommends using an entirely different material, like tile, for areas that need new flooring.
Make sure your new material will be level in thickness with the old floors, and keep your home’s color palette cohesive to avoid creating a patchy, chaotic mix of flooring types.
Not Taking Risks
The Napiers recommend using bold colors, funky floor tiles, or wallpaper in smaller rooms to transform them into unique, personality-filled features of the home.
Ditching The Old
When remodeling, Erin suggests keeping any original trimming to retain a historic vibe, or using a mix of original and painted trim if the wood has been damaged.