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Designer Emily Henderson's Smart Tips For Keeping Your Home Organized
Pantry Containers
Designer Emily Henderson recommends using clear storage containers for many of the items in your pantry to create a cleaner, more organized kitchen that allows you to see where everything is. Put kids' snacks in drawers that are closer to their eye level, you can even include a few lazy susans.
Sort Sandwich Bags
Use a kitchen drawer organizer designed specifically for sandwich bags and plastic bags to keep things easy and neat. Trying to shove a bunch of different-sized boxes full of plastic bags into a drawer tends to be much more complicated and chaotic.
Charts & Calendars
To keep all your family's activities organized, Henderson recommends creating calendars hung up on the wall to help you to visualize your schedule. Do the same thing for chore charts, and use stickers to help keep everyone motivated, too.
Functional Systems
Having a functional organization system can increase productivity, so try organizing various groups of items based on what you'll need and use them for. Utility carts are great for organizing crafting or school supplies, but you can do the same for just about anything you use regularly.
Organize Shoes
Shoes can easily pile up, so Henderson suggests using various shoe racks or bins to keep everything contained. Find the right type of storage for the amount of space you have, and it's always a good idea to declutter your home, even if that means getting rid of those extra shoes.