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Designer Sarah Baeumler's Savvy Advice For Amping Up Your Office
Consider The Layout
When designing your office, designer Sarah Baeumler says to first think about how you work and how you'll be using your office to create your layout. Think about where to place your desk and furniture according to your needs, but be careful not to overstuff the room.
Cords & Clutter
Clearing your space of clutter can also clear your mind, and paring your office down to the essentials creates a productive workspace. Baeumler further recommends hiding away cords or opting for wireless charging stations to get rid of the annoying wires from all your devices as a mess of cords can make a well-designed office look chaotic.
Seating Options
While the chair behind your desk is arguably the most important seat in your office, Baeumler says that home offices should have other seating options if you have the space. Create a seating area to make the whole room feel more inviting and where you'll be able to take a break or decompress after your workday.
Your home office needs to be both aesthetic and functional, so Baeumler warns against overlooking your storage options. Choose a variety of storage options; for example, a mix of open pieces like shelves, boxes, and tables, or closable options like drawers and filing cabinets.
Finishing Touches
Baeumler emphasizes adding decor and accents that mean something to you to create a personalized space. Choose colors your love and artwork, window treatments, and plants that can add some life to your space while setting the perfect mood.