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Details Of Unsellable Houses Star Lyndsay Lamb's Stunning Home
The Kitchen
Cool and calming, the navy and white cabinets keep the space fresh and airy. The honeycomb tile pairs well with the contemporary lights and faucet.
The Living Room
The living room features mainly thrift items and lacks a TV or dining table. The navy rug balances the neutral sofa and mimics the kitchen’s color scheme.
The Closet
Converting a spare bedroom into a walk-in closet, Lamb created the perfect space with drawers, shelves, an island, and most importantly, a lazy-susan-style shoe spinner.
The Guest Bathroom
This room’s soft vibe features romantic floral wallpaper, vertical green tiles, a washstand-style sink with a marble top, and a matching pivot mirror.
The Main Bathroom
This spacious, spa-like room has his-and-her sinks, a rain shower, and a freestanding tub. Light and dark tiles paired with lots of plants tie the space together.