Crowded pantry filled with cooking items on one side and dishware on the other
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Dirty Kitchen Items You Should Ditch ASAP
Chipped Dishes
Difficult-to-clean cracks in your dishware can become breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria. Older pieces may also contain lead, so toss them as soon as they chip.
Expired Spices
Leafy herbs should be thrown out after one year, ground spices after two, and whole ones after three — except for vanilla extract and salt, which will last forever.
Extra Mugs
Thinning out your mug collection is a great way to free up space. Consider how many mugs you use a day, and donate or throw out any excess cups that you don’t use.
Lidless Containers
Throw away lidless Tupperware containers that no longer serve a purpose. Then, organize your cupboard by pairing the remaining containers and lids together.
Peeling Nonstick Pans
Overheating a nonstick pan releases toxic chemicals and causes its Teflon coating to flake, which recent studies say may lead to serious health problems.