An apartment kitchen with wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and pendant lights hanging above the granite countertops.
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Ditch The Paint With These Gorgeous Wood Cabinet Upgrades
Change The Hardware
Mix and match metals or even go for some color to refresh your cabinets. Go with gold and brass for a warm touch or silver and black if you prefer cooler tones.
Add Glass Windows
Adding glass windows is a great way to elevate your cabinets and display your dishes. You can also DIY this project using a drill, jigsaw, caulk, and glass clips.
Swap The Doors
Upgrade your cabinets by swapping out their doors while keeping the interior and cabinet boxes intact. Check out IKEA or The Cabinet Door Store for some pattern ideas.
Open Shelving
Eliminate cabinet doors altogether for a chic look by removing any hardware or hinges, filling in the holes with putty, and lining the backs with wallpaper.
Under-Cabinet Lighting
Add lights underneath your cabinets. These ambient lights are functional and will draw the eyes away from the cabinets while giving the space an elevated look.