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Ditch Unwanted Home Odors With Martha Stewart's Vodka Hack
Eliminating unwanted odors from upholstered furniture and clothing can be difficult, but Martha Stewart’s trick for removing these smells only requires a spray bottle and vodka.
Stewart shared different ways to clean with the alcohol on Instagram, including deodorizing well-worn shoes, as she demonstrated by spraying a pair of boots in her entryway.
The high alcohol content is perfect for killing germs and removing odors without having to place your items in a washing machine, thus prolonging their lifespan.
The alcohol surrounds the smelly molecules made from organic compounds, like skin cells, sweat, or dirt. As the vodka dries and evaporates, it takes these odors with it.
While the quality of the vodka doesn’t matter, make sure you use unflavored and colorless vodka. For the best results, use vodka with a high alcohol content.
Once you have an empty spray bottle, pour the vodka inside. Don’t dilute it with water or other ingredients since they will make it harder for the alcohol to absorb the odors.
If you’re using it on clothes, hang them up before grabbing the bottle. Give them a light misting of alcohol, as Stewart demonstrates in her Instagram post.