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Ditch Your Stripped Screws With TikTok's Clever Toothpick Hack
Stripped screw holes in your kitchen cabinets can be frustrating and hard to deal with, but they will be a thing of the past once you master this TikTok hack from @livingwithley.
To start, bunch up some toothpicks and test if they fit inside the worn screw hole. If they do, cover the pointy ends with wood glue before inserting them into the hole.
Inserting the toothpicks may take some extra force, but if done well, they should stay put. Slot extra toothpicks in if needed and remove the part of the toothpicks that stick out.
You can then secure your cabinets back in place because the wood removes the extra space around the screw, yielding a solid structure that makes it harder for the screw to move.