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Divide One Room Into Two With This Clever IKEA BILLY Bookcase Hack
If you want to divide a large room so it functions as two separate spaces, TikTok’s @merley43uk suggests using IKEA’s BILLY bookcases — priced at $69 per unit — for the task.
To determine how many BILLY bookcases you’ll need and of what size, measure the height of the room and the width from wall to wall. This will also help avoid awkward gaps.
Next, choose a bookcase size that best fits your room, setting up one bookcase at a time from wall to wall along the room’s center. Decorate them or use them for extra storage.
To create an entrance to the room behind the divider, ask a professional to make a second door leading to the hallway, enter through a gap between the bookcases, or use a curtain.