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DIY A Birdbath Feathered Friends Will Love With An Old Tomato Cage
Transforming an old tomato cage into a birdbath is a creative and sustainable way to upcycle garden leftovers, offering a welcoming spot for feathered friends in
your yard.
Start by gathering an old tomato cage and a circular tray that fits its top, like a large plant saucer, a decorative tray, or a shallow bowl. This tray will act as the water basin.
You'll need a few more supplies: spray paint, wire cutters, a mallet, zip ties, and wooden stakes. If the cage is too tall, trim it to a manageable height with the wire cutters.
Ensure the cage is at a convenient height for birds and water refills. Paint the cage in a bright color like red or yellow, making it an attractive pit stop for your avian guests.
Next, use the mallet to drive the stakes into the ground and secure the cage to them with zip ties. Finally, place the tray on top of the cage and fill it with water.
To further entice your winged visitors, add colorful, weathered stones for birds to perch on. You can also install a water dripper to simulate a fountain within the birdbath.