Three lit white candles in glass containers
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DIY A Candle In A Pinch With This Aluminum Foil Hack
In a power outage, knowing how to make an emergency lamp will come in handy. All you need are a neutral oil, a small fireproof container, aluminum foil, and
some string.
First, obtain a suitable container for the oil, like a nail polish bottle, a tin can, a ceramic mug, or a Mason jar. Only use glass containers that are thick and heat-resistant.
Then, gather aluminum foil; string (or any yarn, twine, or cloth made of natural fibers); and any cooking oil you have, like olive, vegetable, sunflower, or even coconut oil.
To construct the candle, tear off a piece of foil more than double the diameter of your container (not too much or it can heat up and become a fire hazard) and fold it in half.
For a wick, cut some string about a ½ inch longer than the height of your container. Make a hole in the foil and thread the wick through it, leaving a ½ inch sticking
out on top.
Fill your container with oil, leaving a gap at the top. Press the foil firmly to the sides of your container, let the wick soak up the oil for a few minutes, then light it up.