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DIY A Chic Side Table Your Pet Will Love With A Popular IKEA Piece
TikTok user @lonefoxhome offers a simple DIY to turn your IKEA GLADOM side table into chic boho furniture where your pet can have tons of fun adventures.
You'll need cane webbing, a large sheet of paper, a marker, scissors, jute twine, edge banding tape, a hot glue gun, and a 17 ½ inch round wooden surface.
After removing the IKEA tray, replace it with a wooden surface and cut the cane webbing to wrap about the table's perimeter.
Find the mid-point, use paper to design and cut an archway into the fabric, then decorate the edges with twine and hot glue. This arch will serve as a doorway for your pet.
Secure your wooden surface to the table frame and add banding tape around the edges of the cane webbing for the final touch. Seal the two ends of the fabric together with hot glue.