Store sign of an Ikea furniture store in Zurich Spreitenbach on September 21, 2012
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DIY A Gorgeous Floating Planter Shelf With
This Creative Ikea Hack
DIYer Medina Grillo created a floating planter shelf using Ikea’s Frosta stool. She made two semi-circles from the seat, cut holes in them to hold plants, and hung them on a wall.
For this hack, you'll need an Ikea Frosta stool, a drill and hole saw kit, liquid nail glue, a few screws, a jigsaw or circular saw, furniture self-adhesive covers, and your plant.
Measure and cut the stool seat into two semi-circles. Then, mark the center holes for each shelf with the 5-inch drill piece and cut two holes in the center of each semi-circle.
Next, measure one of the legs against the semi-circle and cut the end where it bends to create the shelf bracket. Repeat the step with the other leg.
Drill a hole on each end of the leg, glue the legs to the backside of the semi-circles, and let them dry overnight. Add the screws to the holes you made to secure the brackets.
The next day, hang the shelf with appropriate wall fixings and insert your pot. Grillo stacked both shelves on the same wall so that the water from the top fell to the one below.