Christmas tree branch with baubles and lights
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DIY A Magical Floating Christmas Tree With This Festive Idea
Decorating the Christmas tree is a favorite festive activity, and with this impressive project from @want.zamorato on Instagram, you can enjoy the ritual without buying a tree.
This spiral, floating Christmas tree is made from chicken wire and suspended from the ceiling with fishing line. You can decorate it with all your greenery, lights, and baubles.
Before you begin, decide exactly where you’ll hang the tree, as this will help determine whether you'll use tension rods, adhesive hooks, or a regular ceiling hook to support it.
Next, form the chicken wire into a long tube, then bend the tube into a spiral. Tie lengths of fishing line to the origin of the spiral and at regular intervals along the curves.
Attach the origin of the spiral to the hook or tension rods on your ceiling, then connect the fishing line lengths to the ceiling and parts of the spiral to keep it in shape.
Cover the structure with faux or real greenery, and add some holiday color with red glitter lavender bush or poinsettia. Then, attach lights, baubles, and other festive ornaments.
An easier way to make the tree is to use cardboard rings instead of chicken wire. Cut 2-inch wide rings, with gradually increasing diameters to form the Christmas tree shape.
Even simpler, or for a minimalist effect, you could just suspend decorations in the shape of a tree. This could be the most cost-effective option, and it'll definitely be unique.