Hummingbird enjoying sugar water from a red bird feeder
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DIY A Mushroom-Themed Bird Feeder With This Clever Water Bottle Hack
TikTok video user The Home Factory (@home.factory) demonstrates how to take a plastic water bottle and turn it into a mushroom-themed bird feeder for your
outdoor space.
For this project, you'll need a water bottle, thick string or twine (strong enough to hold up your bird feeder), an X-Acto knife, a large needle, paint, and a lighter or matches.
Cut out the top and middle quarter of a water bottle. Discard the middle section, but with the bottom, cut a curved shape into one side as an opening for the birds to access food.
Paint the bottom piece of the bottle brown and the top red. You’ll also want to paint small white dots on the red section to make it look like a mushroom cap.
Once the paint has dried, heat up the needle with your lighter or matches and create holes on either side of the bottle, as well as two holes in the top of the cap.
Pull the string or twine through the holes so you have something to hold the pieces of the bottle together while also suspending your feeder to a tree branch.
Once finished, all you need to do is add some seeds to your feeder and hang it up. Then, you can sit back and watch as your yard turns into a place where the local birds gather.