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DIY A Nate Berkus-Inspired Pantry Organizer With Dollar Tree Items
Keeping your well-stocked pantry organized is much easier with a turntable, as it gives you easy access to what you need without having to turn the pantry upside down.
On Instagram, Nate Berkus showed off his two-tier Nate Home turntable in his pantry, but instead of paying a lot of money for one, you can make your own budget-friendly version.
You’ll need a two-pack stove burner cover set from Dollar Tree for $1.25, a split pin fastener from any craft store, washers, adhesive for assembly, and tiny round beads.
First, make a center hole in both burner covers with a nail, then glue washers onto the bottom of the smaller cover to help the upper cover rotate more smoothly against the base.
Next, join the covers using the split pin, with the small cover decorative side down and the large cover decorative side up on top, then pop beads into the center of the washers.
To make it easier to turn your turntable, secure the base to your surface with hot glue, or glue a bottle lid to the inside of the hollow base cover and then to your surface.