Gray kitchen counters with tiled backsplash
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DIY A Stylish Kitchen Backsplash With These Creative Ideas
Laminate Wood
Though unusual, placing wood flooring as a backsplash can complement the space. If you already have wood features, try different shades to add contrast and dimension.
Tile Decals
Find a pattern you like and add a statement piece in one area. Try a color pattern that matches your kitchen, mix and match something unique, or add a pop of color.
Subway Tiles
For an easy, inexpensive way to upgrade a kitchen, use fun patterns or paint — try the same shade as your kitchen, a high contrast hue, or white for its versatility.
For a simple upgrade, use paint. Bright, bold shades are eye-catching, while neutrals are versatile and black adds drama and sophistication. You can accent other items, too.
If you love the sea, try making a backsplash using seashells — it’s a great way to upcycle your collection. A collage will bring back fond memories and inspire creativity.