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DIY A Stylish Light Feature Using Items From Your Local Dollar Tree
TikToker @jinkybinky created a glitterball-inspired lighting feature from Dollar Tree plastic shower curtain rings, hot glue, remote-operated fairy lights, and a salad bowl mold.
Put the salad bowl upside down on your work surface, cover it with the curtain rings, then glue the rings to each other. Remove the half-sphere made of rings and make a second one.
Then, glue the two halves together to create a globe. You can add glitter if you choose, then wrap your fairy lights around the globe, and attach the battery pack to one end.
To use your twinkling light sphere as a giant holiday bauble, cut a gold-colored party cup from Dollar Tree to size, glue it to the sphere, and add a wire handle to hang it up.
Hang your light sphere in your pergola or gazebo, make several of them and tie them to trees in your yard, put it on a white or gold lamp riser, or hang it up by your bedside.