Empty glass jar with a lid
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DIY A Trendy Light Fixture On A Budget With This Chic Coffee Jar Hack
If you're aiming for a stylish yet budget-friendly lighting solution, consider upcycling an old coffee jar into a trendy fixture, as showcased by TikTok user @tohomeplace.
To create this fixture, you'll need an old glass coffee jar, a sharp knife, a bulb holder with a plug-in cord, and an LED bulb, which is recommended because it doesn't get too hot.
Start by thoroughly cleaning and drying the coffee jar, both on the inside and outside. Using the knife, carve an opening in the jar lid large enough for the bulb holder to fit.
If you're unsure about the size, tracing an outline can be helpful. Once done, assemble the components, hang the fixture in your desired room, and marvel at its beauty.
Since LED lights may melt plastic lids or damage the glass or bulb sometimes, consider a jar with a metal lid or even battery-operated fairy lights for added safety.