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DIY A Unique Textured Accent Wall With This Pool Noodle Hack
Creating a unique textured accent wall is within reach with a clever DIY method that involves using a pool noodle as a paint roller, as demonstrated by YouTuber Interior_Works.
To embark on this hack, first cut a pool noodle to fit a standard paint roller frame. Next, draw an abstract pattern of various blob-like shapes all over the noodle using a marker.
Then, carefully carve out each shape with an X-Acto knife. This step transforms the pool noodle into a one-of-a-kind textured design tool, ready to be used as a
paint roller.
If you lean toward more familiar designs, you have the option to carve out shapes like hearts, stars, polka dots, or even animal prints and personalize your space to your taste.
For a more uniform textured effect with minimal effort, consider wrapping the pool noodle in bubble wrap. This approach is perfect for those uncomfortable using an
X-Acto knife.
It's recommended to test this technique on a less permanent surface before fully committing to your walls, particularly if this is your first foray into such a DIY project.