Birds gathering on feeder
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DIY An Irresistible Bird Feeder With TikTok's Creative Cardboard Hack
Add vibrancy to your garden by attracting birds with an easy DIY bird feeder. TikTok user @reelpaper shows you how to make a quality snack station for your feathered friends.
With an old cardboard tube from a used paper towel or toilet paper roll and a strong piece of string or flexible wire, you can create a hanging bird feeder covered with bird seed.
You’ll also need something sticky to coat the tube, like peanut butter, coconut oil, or vegetable shortening, as well as a bag of bird seed suitable for the birds in your area.
Coat the cardboard tube with peanut butter, pour the bird seed onto a plate, and roll the tube in it until it’s covered. Run a string through the tube and hang it horizontally.
If you want to hang it vertically instead, first cut small holes on the sides and run a string through them before you coat the cardboard tube in peanut butter and bird seed.
Change the seeds on your bird feeder at least weekly or whenever it looks bare. Your feeder can’t be properly cleaned, as it's made of cardboard, so make a new one every two weeks.