Man reaches for item in crowded, disorganized garage
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DIY Dollar Tree Storage Ideas That'll Keep Your Garage Organized
Rack Organizer
Attach two Dollar Tree cooling racks with zip ties, then screw them into the wall to create hanging storage for cleaning supplies, tools, and other garage essentials.
Tool Shelf Bins
Empty and clean your tool cabinet, then sort your various tools, cleaning supplies, and car parts into different bins to keep them neatly and efficiently organized.
Cabinet Shelf Storage
Zip-tie two Dollar Tree cabinet shelves together to create a long cabinet shelf for storage. Add some wire baskets for the top for additional organization.
Rack & Ring Tool Wall
Place a hanging towel rack inside a cabinet door, then use Dollar Tree book rings to hang your tools. This works best with small, lightweight items.
Pegboard Cube
Form four square pegboards into a cube shape using zip ties, then mount it on a foam board base with some super glue. Place it on a lazy Susan for convenient access.