Ornate white toothbrush holder with toothbrushes
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For Reusing Your Old Toothbrush Holder
Use your old toothbrush holder as a bud vase for small flowers, fronds, or even faux flowers. Keep the design as is or decorate it with paint, twine, rope, or mirrored tiles.
Bathroom Storage
Remove the part with holes and display your toothbrush holder on a counter or shelf filled with bathroom essentials like razors, cotton swabs, or hair care items.
Store pens, markers, or scissors in a toothbrush holder, and put it on a desk or a shelf for quick access. Travel toothbrush holders are also good for storing pens in your bag.
Paint Brushes
Use a toothbrush holder in your craft room to keep paint brushes dry or hold wet brushes while you’re working. You can also carry brushes in a travel case in your bag.
A porcelain or metal toothbrush holder is good for holding sticks of incense, as it lets the ashes fall back into the bottom. Add sand or pebbles to help them stand upright.