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DIY This Pool Noodle Hack For A Stunning Fireplace On
A Budget
If you enjoy a cozy fire in your fireplace but don't like the smell of burning wood, you can easily create a faux fire using pool noodles to simulate natural burning logs.
You'll need some pool noodles (preferably solid core ones), painter's tape, plaster, white paint, black paint, twine, and twinkle lights — all of which you can get from Walmart.
Cut each pool noodle into three different lengths. If you have hollow noodles, seal the ends with circles of cardboard, then cover all the noodles with painter's tape and plaster.
Paint the noodles black, let them dry, then paint over them with white paint, letting the black show through. Finally, tie your noodles with twine, and wrap the lights around them.
Place the faux logs in your fireplace, and switch on the lights. As your fireplace insert creates no soot, there’s nothing for you to clean — just replace the lights’ batteries.