Ghostly figure decorations hanging from tree
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DIY Your Halloween Decorations With This Genius Packing Tape Hack
With some packing tape, plastic wrap, Christmas lights, and a little imagination, you can make a haunting array of ghostly sculptures that are perfect for the spooky season.
The DIY essentially involves wrapping yourself, a friend, or a mannequin in plastic wrap and then covering it in packing tape to create a hollow human sculpture.
To try this hack, first identify your model, then wrap them in plastic wrap; if your model is a person, be sure not to wrap too tight. Cover the plastic wrap with packing tape.
It’s best to build the sculpture in sections, doing one limb or section at a time and then connecting them with tape. As each section is complete, cut it open with scissors.
Then, tape it back together in a few sections so the shape is secure. Repeat this with each limb or section, and place rings of wire inside them for extra security.
Once you have your finished form, add some battery-operated, remote-controlled lights by taping them inside. For a sturdier sculpture, stuff it with bubble wrap.
The finished product should be a ghostly figure or limbs that you can display inside or outside, like hanging them in trees or positioning limbs emerging from the ground.