Christmas gnome on mantel decorated for the holidays
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DIY Your Own Christmas Gnome With This Easy Hack
In this adorable Christmas DIY project, you can make budget-friendly gnome decor using coniferous branches, a red Santa hat, and a mini wood ball for the nose.
First, glue or staple the branches to the bottom half of a plywood or cardboard base to create the character's beard. Add poinsettias, red roses, or berry stems for a rustic look.
Next, choose a top for your gnome, like an elf hat, Santa hat, winter cap, or snowman top hat. You can either purchase one, or make the design out of felt or construction paper.
Secure the accessory to your base so that the hem lines up with the top of the beard and none of the base is visible. Then, glue a nose to the middle of the hat's hem.
A wooden round finishes the rustic vibe, but a button or pom-pom could also pass for the appendage. Finally, hang your mythical creature with string or prop it up on a shelf.