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Do Homeowners Get To Keep The Furniture On Fixer Upper?
In an archived Q&A with Joanna Gaines, the co-host and interior designer of "Fixer Upper" revealed that the furniture was only there for staging. The homeowners had the opportunity to purchase the furnishings, but it was not included in the renovation budget, and any unpurchased furniture was cleared out by the production staff.
Joanna Gaines explained that she decorated the homes on "Fixer Upper" with furniture pieces that weren't part of the budget to show her clients how to use their newly-renovated spaces. She also mentioned that she would often incorporate the client’s existing furniture into the staging for the big reveal.
Of course, a big part of “Fixer Upper” involved Joanna commissioning custom pieces for the homeowners and incorporating them into the design of the home. According to client Jaime Ferguson, these were gifts and did not have to be bought like the other furniture.