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Do This At Your Home If You Don't Want To Pass Out Halloween Candy
While darkness may seem like an invitation on Halloween, a dark porch is often an unofficial sign that the residents don’t want to be disturbed.
That’s why many people turn their porch lights off. If you, too, would like to remain undisturbed, turn off every outdoor light, including the porch lights and decorative lights.
To exercise extra caution, you can also put a sign on the door clearly stating not to ring the doorbell, knock, or make noise — customize the message as per your requirement.
If you want to give out candy without any disturbance, leave a candy bowl out on a table with a small light. Greedy hands may take the entire bowl, but it’s an option.
Lastly, let your neighbors know ahead of Halloween night whether you want people on your porch or not by posting your preference in your neighborhood social media groups.