Dandelion poking through cracked driveway
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Do This To Your Driveway To Prevent Weeds From Growing In The Cracks
Weeds that thrive in driveway crevices are unattractive, and they damage the cement. Luckily, concrete caulking provides a cheap and easy way to seal up the cracks they grow in.
Regular caulks will break down over time, so it’s important to use a longer-lasting concrete caulking that is designed to adhere to uneven edges and adjust to changes in weather.
Choose an easy-to-apply, high-quality option suitable for your environmental conditions, then head to the driveway to remove the weeds thoroughly and clean debris from the cracks.
Slowly apply the flexible caulking into the cracks to create an even line, and make sure to fill in the entire space. You can dust the top with sand afterward to help it blend in.