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Do This With A Toothpick If Your Dishwasher Isn't Cleaning Properly
After running a load in your dishwasher, you don't want your dishes to be reeking and streaked with food residue, so make sure you thoroughly clean the spray arms with a toothpick.
Begin by removing the dishwasher's racks to reveal the spray arm attached to its bottom. Now, inspect its water-spewing nozzles for any food or debris blockages.
Next, look up the user manual for tailored instructions on removing your model's spray arm. While it isn't mandatory to detach it, doing so ensures a thorough cleaning.
Most dishwashers include a simple lock knob to pull the bottom arm out. Once you get it out, poke its holes from top to bottom with a wooden toothpick to get all the gunk out.
You'll get a deeper clean if you soak the sprayer in a combination of warm water and vinegar. Then, wipe it dry, lock it in its place, and spin it to make sure it runs freely.