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Do You Really Need To Separate Whites And Colors In The Laundry?
Laundry machines have three settings: cycle length, cycle speed, and water temperature. It’s best to choose the shortest setting with a slow spin cycle to ensure your clothes don’t undergo unnecessary wear and tear, and when possible, stick to a cold temperature that will help extend the life of your items.
With regards to colorful clothing made from more natural materials such as cotton, silk, or linen, they might need to be washed with other dyed clothing. This is because the color may bleed while being washed, and if you don't want your white clothes to take on pinkish shades of a red shirt, it would be wise to wash in separate loads.
However, newer synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and acrylic may be perfectly fine to wash alongside your white laundry. So, if you’re washing natural fibers, keep them away from white clothes, and if you are mixing your synthetic materials and colors, be sure to use cold water on a shorter cycle to get the most wear out of your clothing.