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Does Irish Spring Soap Used As DIY Pest Control Work To Keep Mice Out?
Some blogs suggest that grating Irish Spring soap and scattering the shavings throughout your home can drive mice away due to the strong smell that rodents supposedly dislike.
However, there is no scientific evidence to support the soap's effectiveness as a DIY pest control method, and those who have tried this hack report no change in mouse activity.
Even if the soap's scent initially deters mice, its potency fades quickly, requiring frequent reapplications, which makes it impractical for long-term pest management.
Meg Pearson, a training manager at a wildlife removal company, asserts that mice are unlikely to be deterred by the soap, especially if they have already established
a nest.
The soap contains animal fat, which may attract mice instead of repelling them. Given these factors, Irish Spring soap is not recommended as an efficient way to keep mice out.