Full wicker basket of white linen bedspread and sheets next to washing machine
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Does This Purple Shampoo Hack Really Remove Yellow Bedding Stains?
Yellow stains on white bedding are a massive eyesore, but TikTok user @whatjoknows claims to have found a trick for dealing with them using a violet-toning shampoo.
According to the video, all you need to remove yellow stains from your bed sheets are purple shampoo, a package of soda crystals, and vinyl gloves to protect your hands.
We applied the purple shampoo to each yellow spot on a stained sheet and worked the product in by hand before hanging it over the side of the bathtub to wait.
We left the shampoo on for five minutes, then ran the fabric under warm water and rinsed out the extra shampoo before putting it in the washing machine on the regular cycle.
After drying the sheets, it was clear that the stains hadn't been removed completely. For the price of the materials needed for this hack, we recommend that you avoid this one.