Tide evo detergent pictured with fresh laundry
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Does Tide's Eco-Friendly Laundry Tile Live Up To The Hype?
If you’re tired of bottles crowding your laundry room, switch to a detergent with less packaging like the Tide evo. Its eco-friendly squares promise a powerful, mess-free clean.
The evo laundry detergent’s compact, soft fiber tile is made with concentrated cleansers designed to tackle grime and tough stains without unduly cluttering your storage space.
It claims to be five times more effective than other bargain detergents, and it was designed with cold water washing in mind for a thorough clean that can save up to 90% on energy.
Upon testing, the tile proved to dissolve quickly in water without sticking to the washer or the clothing. Laundry washed in cold water with the detergent had a fresh, clean smell.
The cleansers proved strong enough to remove grass stains while leaving behind a soft texture, and the lightweight, compact tile is perfect for storage or lugging to a laundromat.