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Does TikTok's Aluminum Foil Hack Help For A Better Night's Sleep?
If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to blackout curtains, it’s not worth trying TikTok's hack of attaching aluminum foil to your windows, except as a short-term solution.
Covering your windows in aluminum foil is actually recommended by FEMA to reflect light and block heat during severe heat waves. However, many who tried it encountered problems.
One way to attach the foil to your windows is with water, but unless you remove it the next morning, the foil can actually bake into the glass as TikToker @Harryw89 experienced.
You can also attach the foil loosely with tape; however, this will let some light in and the foil may still bake into the glass, so you’ll still have to change the foil every day.
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