Eggplant growing on vine
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Dollar Tree's Simple Laundry Item Has Two Great Uses
For Plants
You can support your vining plants by either buying or making trellises for them; however, you can do the same job easily and inexpensively with some basic Dollar Tree clothespins.
Use them to clip the vines to wire fences, trellises, plant hangers, or the plant itself. They keep plants confined to a certain area, or they can help thinning plants look fuller.
Clothespins offer a simple way to hold your plant vine without crushing it. You can write your plants’ names on them, and simply remove them when your plants die or get cut back.
Depending on what vining plants you’re growing, get the Dollar Tree Crafter's Square Wooden Clothespins for small vines or Essentials Jumbo Plastic Clothespins for larger vines.