Japanese-style rain chain
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Don't Have Gutters? Here Are 3 Easy Ways To Divert Water Away
Drip Edges
Drip edges are metal sheets that are fixed along the roof's edge and designed to reduce the speed of falling rainwater and direct it away from the house walls.
They save foundations and walls from absorbing water and getting damaged. Drip edges come in many types and are made from copper, aluminum, steel, and various kinds of plastics.
Drip Paths
For a more stylish option, drip paths are paved sections that are built right under the roof to catch dripping rainwater and divert it away from the home’s foundation.
Dig a trench around the house and install the materials correctly so that the water flows away from the building. Add shrubs or small plants to make the area look more attractive.
Rain Chains
Rain chains are metal cups with holes in the bottom to connect them all. They take rainwater from the roof and send it down to storage vessels above or below the ground.
Installed on the corner of the roof, they can also direct water into things like a planter. They're available in different designs and materials but can be costly.