A room with a wood plank accent wall
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Don't Make These 10 Cheap Accent Wall Mistakes
Choosing Cheap Paint
Although you're only covering a single wall and don't need a huge paint can, avoid choosing the cheapest paint available.
Low-quality paint leads to peeling, dulling, and damage from daily wear and cleaning. Plus, you'll end up having to apply extra layers to get an even coating.
Wall You're Stuck With
Battenboard, shiplap, and wainscoting are popular options you can choose, but it's nearly impossible to remove these indoor sidings once you have them.
If you love to regularly play around with design and color, do not install a feature wall, as you'll be stuck with it for the long run.
Going Too Bold
You don't want your accent wall to overwhelm the entire room with ultra-bold geometric wallpaper or super vibrant, contrasting colors.
Bold colors will stand out, but they will also be distracting. If you're a true color maximalist, save these choices for powder rooms or entryways where you don't spend much time.
The Color Black
If you want to use a charcoal gray or black paint shade for a dark accent wall, you need to be intentional about which wall you select.
Choose a wall at the far side of the room so you feel drawn into the space, or use the dark paint on a small, irregularly shaped wall to add contrast without it dominating.
Design Fad
Some designs become trendy for good reason, but people often replicate what they see on social media instead of using their own unique style.
Take some time to consider what you like about the trending motifs or colors and whether or not they align with your design tastes.