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Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes When Buying A Home You Haven’t Seen
If you live too far away from a home or are out of town during the open house, you might have to buy a home without seeing it in person. In 2020, almost half of all home buyers made an offer without a viewing, due to the pandemic and extremely competitive market, so here are some mistakes to avoid when buying a home you haven’t seen.
Not Doing Research
In addition to the traditional inquiries, you’ll also want to ask about the crime rate of the area, the traditional neighborhood development (TND), and the community amenities of your future home. This information will help you gauge the future costs and potential value of your property.
The Wrong Agent
When looking for an agent, you first need to figure out what you need, so start by getting pre-approved for a mortgage, asking family and friends for recommendations, and getting to know your agent’s personality and experience. It’s also essential to have a written agreement or contract.
Unrealistic Expectations
Buying a house is a long, complicated process, especially if you're going in blind. Keep in mind that no home is going to be perfect, you’ll need to start setting up your mortgage before looking for a home, and you should expect to pay more than the asking price in competitive markets.