A newly planted tree
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Don't Make These 5 Mistakes When Planting A Tree In
Your Yard
Wrong Season
The best time of year to plant a new tree is between November and March, as the tree’s energy in the colder months is focused on creating lots of leafy green coverage.
The winter months also see extensive root development, meaning a new planting during this time will allow the roots to establish in their new home.
Wrong Size Hole
A small hole won't provide the loose soil required to let the roots spread, but a big hole won't provide the stability needed for the tree to stay upright.
Dig a hole two to three times wider than the root ball on the tree. The hole should be sloped inward so that the bottom of the planting space is narrower than the top.
Fertilizing Too Early
Using fertilizer on a new tree right away can kill it. Avoid fertilizer for a year or two after the tree has been planted to let it establish itself.
Wrong Area
Trees live for decades or even centuries when well cared for, so selecting the perfect spot for your new tree is crucial before even digging the hole.
Placing a tree right next to your home's structure can be a problem if that plant will grow to eclipse the property. You should also consider shade and spacing requirements.
A new tree needs consistent moisture. It can take two or three years for a tree to fully establish its root system, and until then, you'll need to water it frequently.