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Don't Paint Compact Areas In Your Home In These Colors
Stark White
Stark white is a safe choice that’s overdone in apartments and other small spaces, and looks clinical when it's not decorated properly. Warmer white tones can look better, but these off-white colors can become dingy too, so you should try matte black instead to make the space feel cozy.
Chocolate Brown
More often than not, chocolate brown becomes muddy and dark, which drags down the aesthetic of the room and makes it feel closed-off and heavy. A great alternative to chocolate brown is a light beige shade, which is having a big comeback at the moment.
Dark Blue
While dark blue is certainly elegant when used correctly, it is intense and works best as an accent color. For a similar aesthetic, try using light blue, which will help reflect light around the room to make it appear larger, while pairing well with several décor elements as well.
Harsh Red
Red is an intense color that can look good when it is styled correctly onto an accent wall, but it is difficult to get right. A sweet blush pink could be a better option when painting a small space, as the warm, peachy color adds interest to your room while also keeping a neutral appearance.
Bright Yellow
Cheery, sunny, bright yellow is a popular color used by people who are trying to bring more joy inside their homes. This color choice is not truly wrong unless you are trying to force it into a small room where bold yellow is often too extreme to use, and you would be better off a few shades lighter.