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Don't Skip This Step Before Bringing Your Plants Inside For The Winter
Moving outdoor plants inside for the winter creates the potential for pest infestations since there are no natural predators. This is where the process of debugging comes in.
It’s best to move your plants indoors at least two weeks before the average date of the first frost in your location. This period serves as an adjustment buffer for your plants.
During this time, look for signs of stress, disease, or infestation, and tackle these issues in a controlled outdoor environment, including debugging.
To debug, first clean inside the pot and prune, paying special attention to the undersides of leaves where pests like to hide. Then, consider repotting using sterile potting soil.
Next, soak the soil in warm water for 15 minutes to force pests to the surface where they can be easily removed, then spray the plant with an insecticidal soap.
Finally, consider mulching with cedar, as its natural oils can act as a repellent for certain types of pests. Then, your plants should be ready to make their winter move indoors.