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Don't Skip This Step When Cleaning Your Toilet
When cleaning a toilet, many overlook a crucial initial step: emptying the toilet bowl of its water. This ensures that you can effectively deal with stains, germs, and build-up.
Water in the toilet bowl can make your cleaning solution less potent, which can drastically reduce its
cleaning ability. This could cause you to work harder and use more products.
First, locate the water valve, which is typically found at the base of the toilet on the left side. Turning it off will ensure that the bowl won't refill with water post-flush.
It's important to note that the water won't empty completely with one flush. You'll need to remove the residual water with a
small, preferably disposable
cup or sponge.
Once you're done thoroughly cleaning the toilet, and every hidden corner is as clean as the rest, you can turn the water valve back on.